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~28 Years Ago~

Where does the time go?  This handsome guy is 28 today!!  It hardly seems possible that this much time has passed.  I remember the day he was born, like most mothers can, like it was yesterday.  It was warm, very warm actually.  Spring was farther along, as we lived further south, in NY.  The cherry tree's were in bloom, birds were nesting and this fella decided he wanted to see it all.  It took him a while though, I was in labor for 22 hours before he finally made his entrance into this great big world.  Once he finally did arrived...all 5lbs 13ozs of him, they realized he was quite early, 5 weeks to be exact, and perhaps this was why he made a slow entrance. He knew he really wasn't suppose to quite yet.
He had some complications, his lungs were not yet fully developed, and he spent 5 days in the NIC unit. But, he was STRONG and big for such an early babe, they predicted, had he waited for the proper time to be born, he would have been 10lb or so.  Much different than his sister, who was on time and weighed only 4lbs 14ozs!!  He started out a rough and tough, a here I am, I can handle anything guy, and
 he's still that way.  Having adventures, traveling, frightening me to death most of the time with his daredevil antics (he has  broken MANY bones) but I wouldn't change one single thing about him.  He was perfect from that very first day and still is 28 years later.  He's brought such joy to all our lives.  A more wonderful son, I could not imagine.

Happy Birthday Kurt ~ we love you so very much!!!

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