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~The Last Day Of April, Maggie's Mares & The Worlds Best Chocolate Cake~

Goode day deare friends.  I hope you are well this fine Sunday.  The final day of April 2017.  Tis crisp and rainy here in Vermont but oh so wonderfully GREEN!!!  Mark & I spent yesterday afternoon working outside in the yard.  Mark, mowing for the first time this season, and me cleaning out my flower beds.  Things are coming up in leaps and bounds and it even looks like my rose bush will be returning!!!  Goodness, I love this time of year.
Today, amidst the occasional sprinkles, Mark is raking and doing yard clean up.  I am currently waiting for a chocolate cake to come out of the oven..so far it has taken 15 minutes longer to bake than the recipe states.  I had forgotten that about this cake!  As soon as it is out of the oven, I shall be running to town to gather some things for dinner.  Kurt, Nicole, Jen & Ben shall be joining us to celebrate Kurt's Birthday.  We are having Kurt's favorite...Grilled bacon cheese burgers, baked beans and potato salad.  And, of course...chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. ...EVERYONE'S FAVORITE!

Here's the recipe for The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever by Add A Pinch.  My only note, it does take longer than the recipe states.  I've made this many times & it seems to usually take approx. 15 minutes or so longer.  Yours may be different tho, depending on your cake pans.   Like the name of this cake states..it truly is the best chocolate cake ever.  Be sure to make the accompanying butter cream frosting...OH MY GOODNESS..it's heavenly
**Click on the photo to view the recipe from Add A Pinch :).
Until next time ~ wishing you a joy filled and relaxing Sunday. 

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