WELCOME ~ I'm so very please you've stopped by!! Do come in and make yourself at home.


GOODE day deare friends.  I hope you are well on this very last Thursday in April.  Tis a GORGEOUS Spring morning here in Vermont!  Our temperature is already 60* and we are expected to hit 80* today!   Truth be told, I would prefer a nice cool 65* and sunny, but...what can you do.... :)

REGARDING the TITLE of this post...."I'm Late..I'm Late"...that is in regards to  my new patterns in the works.  I had originally planned, thought, hoped, that I would have my new designs/patterns ready to release tomorrow but I am afraid that is not going to happen.  A BUSY week has put me a bit behind.  So, Monday will be the day for my Magdalena Rug adaptation (I really need to give this a better name) and, hopefully,
I can scurry and have the scissor keep pattern ready as well!!! FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME.

A quick run to the post office this morning, a walk with Oliver James, on the rail trail,
and then it's back home and an entire day with my hoop & needle!!! 

**This photo is from our Walk (and his swim) last evening.**
DINNER THIS EVENING.....A quick dinner of leftovers this evening as I have Yoga class.  Well, Mark will have the leftovers, I will have my favorite Cabot Vanilla Bean Yogurt with Honey and granola. :).

Until next time ~ wishing you a merry day, Doreen

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