WELCOME ~ I'm so very please you've stopped by!! Do come in and make yourself at home.

~New Pattern Available On This Rainy Spring Day~

GLAD TIDINGS TO YOU.  Oh goodness, it smells just heavenly in our home at the moment.  I've a ham baking in the oven, coffee brewing and the scent of beeswax, from this morning's pouring, still lingers in the air.  Rain is pouring down outside our window and the birds are fairly dancing about as they enjoy the much needed rain and the loveliness of the newly opened leaves!!! 

I've finally finished my adaptation of the lovely Magdalana Briner Eby Horse rug, which I am calling, Maggie's Mares.  I've listed it here on the website and will be adding It to my Etsy shop shortly.
I am working on other patterns as well as web show offerings but they are, as usual, taking me longer than I had hoped.  To add to the delay...I stabbed myself this morning with my pointy beeswax thermometer (I've no idea why they make them with a pointed end!!!) and my hand is killing me.  Stitches are not needed but it went in quite far!!!  My hand is so stiff right now it's VERY hard to type..or do anything else for that matter.
I'm off now to send out my newsletter and then it will be time to make the Macaroin & cheese to accompany our baked ham :). 

Wishing you a joy filled day ~ doreen

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