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~So much for daily posting.....~

HELLO EVERYONE.  Goodness, almost a week since my last post.  I'm ever so sorry about that but now and again I find myself  working on projects that I really do not want to share sneak peeks of and when that happens, I find daily posting difficult.  However, I will always post a daily "Hello & Happy (insert day)..on the home page even if I do not have the words for a full post. :).

SO ANYWAY.....We had some unusual weather here on Friday...74 mph winds blew through our little town, and a few surrounding it, and wreaked havoc.  Taking down huge limbs & tree's, bending small ones and pulling out two very large tree's, by the roots, here on our property!  One of the limbs hit my car and put a lovely (argh) dent in the hood!!!   It happened so fast it was a bit shocking....the house vibrated and things fell off the walls!!!  IT WAS CRAZY!!  Mark & I have spent the last two days raking & cleaning the lawn of limbs, branches and a blanket of leaves and cutting this winter's firewood from the downed limbs and trees.  The power company came and repaired power, fixed the downed lines and two leaning poles on Saturday and the phone company came and repaired the downed phone line yesterday afternoon.  There is still much clean up to be done in our woods as it will take Mark a while to cut up all of the downed tree's but it looks like Mother Nature may have saved him a step in cutting this Winter's wood.  Even if she seemed a bit out of control while doing so!!!

Okay...I'm off now to make a batch of pumpkin scones and settle myself down, with my hoop & needle & last night's episode of Call The Midwife.

Wishing you a joy filled day ~ Doreen

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  • Doreen, I am so sorry about the loss of your Father. Prayers for you and your Family.
    With Much Love,
    Kathy Lorenzini

    Kathy Lorenzini

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