WELCOME ~ I'm so very please you've stopped by!! Do come in and make yourself at home.

~Tis Tuesday~

Goode Day Deare Friends.  I hope you are well this fine morning.  Tis chilly and rainy, here in Vermont.  I want to send out a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for your amazing response to my new website.  Your emails, messages, comments and phone calls made my day and mean so very much. :)

TODAY.....I am making a batch of my homemade Italian Chicken Soup to bring to my Dad and taking mom to run some errands and to an appointment  It smells heavenly in the house,  as I am working on the soup right now.  Small comforts..simple joys!!  Necessary when trying to accept Dad's health..

IN THE STUDIO....Before I head off for my errands and such, I have orders to ready and pack for shipment.  This afternoon I will be packing yesterdays orders.  This evening, more punching on my newest design; an adaptation of a Magdalena Briner antique hooked rug.  I am loving it.

DINNER THIS EVENING....Taco's & Rice Pilaf..perfect on this cold & rainy Spring day in Vermont.
Until next time ~ Wishing you joy, doreen


  • Thank you ladies. :)

    Mom…love you too

    Jane ~ thank you. I sure do have a recipe. I’ll pop it for you tomorrow. :)

  • The Italian chicken soup sounds really good do you have a recipe you can share? Homemade soup is always something comforting I’m sure your parents loved it and also the company! Love your project you are working on.

  • The soup and visit was just what your Dad and I need today !! He enjoyed his lunch and has been resting since !! love you

  • Goode afternoon Tina & Doris ~ thank you :)

  • Good Morning Doreen, it is cloudy and cool here also. The chicken soup sounds like a fantastic idea. I just LOVE the new design!!!!

    Tina McFadden

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