WEBSITE UPDATE ~ FRIDAY, JULY 23 at 4:00. ~ I hope you will find time to stop by. :).

~Slow Stitching, Slow Punching, Slow Hooking, SLOW...everything~

Hello out there my deare friends.  I hope this greeting finds you healthy and content.  I am coming to you today, from a "room" of my deare little website.    I have long desired to chat with you from this space however in the fast paced hurried life, before the pandemic hit, I always found Facebook, Instagram or blogger so much quicker and easier and, lets face it....flashier.    I have let those days blow on by.  The last year has taught me much, one of which is, ~IT IS OKAY TO SLOW DOWN.   Covid changed much here in the Frost household, as I am sure it did for most of you.  It has also changed Vermont Harvest Folk Art.... The Little Brown House Gazette was just a baby when March 2020 arrived and everything closed down.  Suddenly I was faced with a supply issue, a production issue and, a BIG printer issue... I was forced to decide, do I stop what I am doing and let my business fail or do I figure out a way to forge ahead??    I forged ahead!!   It took me a couple of months, and thankfully, only three of the issues, March ~May of  2020, showed any signs there had been a change,(they were smaller than the previous issues as the printer I had was only large enough to produce legal size issues).  My new printer arrived in June, my studio was rearranged, to accommodate the beast, and I became my own printer. :).  I also found a new computer program, and a new paper supplier that was able to ship and deliver much quicker.   Other issues arrived, but I faced them in the same manner...find another way!  I have had to make adjustments in many other areas as well.  I am a tiny little shop and studio and I have decided, this is exactly how I like it. I enjoy the manageability of a slower pace.  Other changes, have also come as a result of the pandemic, for now, I have stopped offering certain supplies, kits, etc. and have put my punch needle embroidery club on hold.   I am allowing myself to move at a slower pace and will add things back into the mix, when I feel it's goode to do so.  Balance is my mantra... :).  With life moving at a somewhat slower pace, I now feel like I have the extra time to create a blog here on my website.  Though it is small and not as fancy as most blogs, I am finding that I like that about it.   

MY DAYS..... The LBH Gazette takes much of my time these days, I love every minute of writing, drawing, and creating that goes into it.  The remainder of my days are filled with filling pattern orders, running my online group, The Little Brown House Stitchery Guild, and now, blog posts, as well as stitching, punching & hooking. I have also found time for a few classes.  The major one being a Calligraphy class, with a pen and nib which, I am loving!      

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO FILL YOUR DAYS?  What, if any, changes has this past year brought to life?  Has your way of thinking, or approaching life, changed due to all of this?

I am off now to tidy the house, walk Oliver James and run errands before the snow arrives.  We've a fairly decent size storm due to arrive this evening :~).  

Until next time ~ do take the very best care of yourself.  Doreen


  • Morning from Westboro, MA! Very nice blog and I’m with you 100% about moving at a slower pace as I am doing the same. May I ask what kind of printer you bought? I do
    Graphic Design and am in need of a good one. So far have returned two. Anyway I enjoy tour FB posts and miss VT but we’ll get up soon to Mt. Holly. Enjoy the day. Barb T.

    Barb Truell

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