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**GRIPPER FRAMES AND HOOPS ~ keeping your fabric drum tight is the key to mastering the art of punch needle. If your fabric is not tight in the frame or hoop you will soon find yourself frustrated and your work a mess.

I have been an exclusive hoop user since the very beginning of my punch needle journey and I never thought that would change. I've tried several other gripper frames out there and just did not care for them but recently a wonderful workshop student brought one of these wonderful Searsport frames to class and I was hooked!!  They are wonderful to hold, ever so easy to turn, which I know seems crazy, due to the fact that they are square and/or rectangle but it is true, nonetheless!! They also hold your fabric absolutely drum tight with rarely a need for further tightening.

I AM NOW CARRYING TWO SIZES OF THESE WONDERFUL FRAMES.  The 8" square frame and a larger 10" x 12" rectangle frame.

The 8" frame is solid oak with black walnut plugs and carding strips to hold your work TIGHT! It measures 8x8 with a 6x6 punching area, 2.25 high so any setting on your punch will not hit the table! These are perfect for smaller punch needle designs.
The 10" x 12" Rectangle Frame is solid oak and are rounded so the grippers are open and spread to hold your backing. If you have ever tried a flat top frame and had trouble with the backing staying on this is why. The grippers MUST be on a curve in order for it to work 100%.  These frames are all top quality and Searsport stands behind them 100%.  **This frame also has a spinning base that can be purchased separately.  I do not have these in the shop just yet but will after the holidays. :).