WELCOME ~ DO COME IN AND MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME. I'm SO pleased you've stopped by on this crisp October day.
~From A Little Brown House Gazette~

~From A Little Brown House Gazette~

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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A monthly, mailed newsletter featuring recipes, stories, projects & other goode things from my home to yours.    

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As we begin September and our lovely green leaves start to hint of the beautiful colors they will bestow upon us, I start to settle in. In to the glorious days of crisp Autumn mornings on our front porch, a mug of steaming coffee in my hand, legs tucked under me in our olde Adirondack chair, a plaid wool blanket tucked around me, as colored leaves swirl through the air and chickadee's scold me from a branch of the Burning Bush.  Soon, smoke will be billowing from ours and our neighbors, chimney's and the sky will be filled with the sound of geese chatting amongst themselves as they make their way to their winter homes.  Inside we will be made warm by something roasting in the oven and a low fire burning in the woodstove. A simple life and one I absolutely adore.  It is coziness at it's best. 

Speaking of chatting and coziness ~ these are two of the very reasons I wanted to create a monthly newsletter.  In today's quick and busy world where most of our interactions take place, rather impersonally and far too quickly, online, I wanted to bring you something more tangible and personal.  Something to hold in your hand, that will, perhaps, make you feel cozy and bring a smile to your face.  A deare little paper gift, arriving each month in your home mailbox (remember those..the lovely little boxes at the end of our driveways that once held excitement and wonder at its contents).  Something to connect us in a more personal way.  An actual, from our home to yours ~ a bit of coziness with....a recipe or two, a story, a project, etc.….....A little bit of loveliness to brighten your day. 

Each month the newsletter will feature four pages (the December issue will be larger) featuring my favorite, time-tested recipes, gorgeous illustrations, my own hand-drawn images & original stories, as well as sayings, quotes, homey coziness, and seasonal cheer.  AND, last but not least.... a project, featuring an original & exclusive design, for you to create.  You may choose to finish the project in any way you wish, punch needle embroidery, wool applique, rug hooking, cross-stitch, hand-stitched embroidery, etc. ..the skies the limit.   **Some issues may also include other seasonal projects as well, with full directions..you just never know the loveliness you might receive :)*

Each issue will come to you neatly presented, similar to as you see here, minus the dried rose hips (ribbons, colors, etc will change monthly and shipped the first day, of the last week, of the preceding month.  i.e.....October's issue will ship on Monday, September 23rd. :).  The Gazette is printed on aged parchment paper.  It appears white in the photo's however, it is a lovely cream.  

MONTHLY ISSUES ~ $9.00 EACH *Holiday issues will be slightly more

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