~A Little About Me~

Hello! My name is Doreen Frost. I am a Folk Artist from Pawlet, VT. I design, create, teach & attempt to keep ahead of the paperwork. I am a wife, mother, baker and entrepreneur. Somehow, I manage to do all of it with a 110 lb. yellow lab glued to my side.

Growing up in a creative family had a huge influence on me and much of my creativity has been passed down from generations of stitchers, bakers, cooks and artists. My inspiration comes from a long list of favorite things.... favorite children's literature (which I still read often) our animals or an animal in the wild, a person, a bit of fabric or antique piece. 

Over the years, I have taken numerous classes on pattern design, various techniques and historical traditions and have been taught much by my creative friends.   Each piece is handcrafted entirely by me in my home studio in Vermont using the finest quality tools and supplies. 

I spend my days, in our cozy little brown house in Vermont, tucked in a valley at the foot of Round Mountain, among the graceful Maples & Oaks.  Smoke billows from the chimney 7 months out of the year, a river rambles nearby, sheep & Cows graze in the meadows and turkey's forage nearby. Here you will find me...surrounded by wool & cotton threads, hoops & needles on my lap & sketchpads scattered about.

Most of my creations tell a story (at least in my mind they do) and I often write short stories to accompany my creations. 

~No. 1 In The Winifred Trumble Series~
Ms. Winifred Trumble’s cozy farm resides on the edge of a beautiful meadow of golden wheat. She spends her days keeping her home well kept & cozy, tending her garden and caring for her small menagerie of gentle animal friends. On this crisp and breezy autumn day, Winifred, with the help of olde Harriet and Young Oakley, begins to gather the acorn crop. ~ Doreen Frost*

I especially enjoy writing short stories for my hooked dolls and animals.

 A blustery and cold late September wind swirled chimney smoke past the thick glass windows as heavy clouds rolled in & the sun disappeared over the mountains. Inside Salem Tavern, hot buttered rum simmered & mulled cider brewed as Olde Sturbridge, the tavern-keeper, busied himself preparing for the evening ahead. He moved a few tables & benches closer to the fire, swept the weathered olde floor, lit the brass lanterns and raked the coals under the pot of chicken & dumplings cooking over the open fire. He unlocked the door, tossed his tavern cloth over his left shoulder and stepped behind the massive counter ready to greet his patrons and friends. ~ doreen frost 

Each day I feel blessed to have the support and love of family, creative friends and 
a "job" that feeds my creative soul.

Thank you, very deeply, for your interest in my work ~ Doreen