~Stitch With Me Series~

**FRIENDS....PLEASE NOTE, I broke my wrist on March 25th :( Surgery was needed and I am not recovering slowly but surely.  I will return to my stitch with me series just as soon as I can.  Thank you all so much for your patience.  :)Doreen

Each month, I will choose one of my past designs from my punch needle pattern line, one of my books, or an issue of The Little Brown House Gazette, and re-work the design through wool applique. 

I am very excited about this and I hope you will be too!  I have longed to create an abundance of content on my YouTube channel but I have put it off, thinking I needed to wait until everything was in its proper place, all was perfect and done just so!  I am not sure if it is the wisdom that comes with age or....menopause scrambling my brain ;) but I now say….to heck with that!!!  Nothing in life is perfect, there will always be glitches and fumbles along the way….. One must just embrace the challenge and move forward!!! So that is what I am doing. 

 MONTHLY PROJETS ~ Each month I will post, sometime during the first week of the month, what the next project will be, where to find the template, and when you can expect to see the new project & video's on YouTube. :).      

Last, but certainly not least, please keep in mind that this video series is a work in progress, and therefore, dates, times, etc. are subject to change.  Also...if you are expecting perfection, chances are you will not find it here...please don't hold it against me ;)

Come join me, won’t you?


PATTERNS are (TYPICALLY) available two ways.....a mailed, paper template, OR, an emailed, PDF  version...please make sure you are choosing/purchasing the one you wish to receive.  My website gives me a "ding" each time I have to refund a customer.

PDF PATTERNS, HERE ON MY WEBSITE ARE NOT INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE PATTERNS and will be emailed to you within 24 hrs (it's usually much sooner however, it may take up to 24 hrs).   If you are looking for instantly downloadable PDF patterns, please visit my Etsy shop.  

**IF you have not received your email with the pdf files attached after 24 hours, PLEASE, before you email me, check your spam folder to see if it is there.

**** I apologize if this, in any way, offends you or sounds harsh however, answering an abundance of emails regarding the above issues on a daily basis is quite time-consuming.****

**DISCLAIMER** In this video series I will be taking one of my past designs and reworking it through wool applique' therefore, the end result may vary from the original design. Please keep this in mind and perhaps, watch the entire video series, before purchasing the needed template, book or pattern, to ensure you are pleased with the end result. Thank you.