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Doreen Frost ~ Designer, Teacher & Merry Maker of Original Needle~Work Creations, Folky Fraktur Woole~Worked Animals & Needle Work Patterns.

I have always dreamed of owning my own business, working with my hands, creating what made my heart sing . Fifteen years ago that dream began to take shape. My business grew slowly at first and I have dabbled in many different art forms (which I still do from time to time :). Six years ago I decided to concentrate on my love of Punch Needle Embroidery. I did loads of research, purchased the tools & supplies, that I knew I would enjoy using, and taught myself everything I could (and felt I needed to know) about this wonderful needle art. In 2011, I began offering my original Punch Needle Embroidery designs and things just took off from there!! Over the years my business has grown tremendously. I now travel throughout New England teaching classes & giving workshops. I also hold small classes here, in our Vermont home in Autumn & Early Winter. Outside, the wind howls, crisp leaves fly past the windows & snow swirls about... inside, a cozy fire burns and a homemade meal is prepared..we settle ourselves with our hoop & needles and enjoy a day of learning, goode conversation, friends and food. Each day I give thanks for this wonderful life I live. ~ Doreen


*Shop owners ~ Feel free to contact me with wholesale inquiries.*

**Rug Hooking Patterns may be purchased through Spruce Ridge Studios.

PUNCH NEEDLE EMBROIDERY ~  The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle.  Embroidered work or ornamentation. Elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story.

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~Olde Sturbridge...Salem Tavern Keeper.

A blustery and cold late September wind swirled chimney smoke past the thick glass windows as heavy clouds rolled in & the sun disappeared over the mountains. Inside Salem Tavern, hot buttered rum simmered & mulled cider brewed as Olde Sturbridge, the tavern-keeper, busied himself preparing for the evening ahead. He moved a few tables & benches closer to the fire, swept the weathered olde floor, lit the brass lanterns and raked the coals under the pot of chicken & dumplings cooking over the open fire. He unlocked the door, tossed his taven cloth over his left shoulder and stepped behind the massive counter ready to greet his patrons and friends. ~ doreen frost


~Autumn Workshops~

~Come spend the day in our Vermont home, relaxing by a warm wood fire & learn the beautiful art of Punch Needle Embroidery. 

Workshop details..... Beginners to advanced, all are welcome.  Workshop cost include all necessary materials to complete the project, homemade seasonal luncheon, beverages & homemade goodies as well as a lovely thank you gift.

2017  Workshop Dates In The Works

~Punch Needle Rug Hooking~

~oh what joy it brings to pull wool through needle~

Thousands of years ago long cold winters called for warm floor coverings.  One option was to use animal skins, but another was to shear the sheep and spin the wool.  Not only did these wool floor coverings protect cold feet, they were sturdy and when dyed, beautiful.  Thus the art of rug making was born.

~Folk Art Punch Needle Club~