Spun Cotton Snow Folke Yuletide Ornaments

Spun Cotton Snow Folke Yuletide Ornaments

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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It is believed that Spun Cotton ornaments began in 19th century Germany. All manner of  shapes were made from cotton batting that was hand-molded around wire forms to create Christmas ornaments, animals and the like.  I have always loved them and wanted to be able to make them in as close to the traditional way as possible. Unfortunately, finding out what, exactly, is the traditional way of making them was not an easy task. SO..I've taken what is known and mixed it with my own personal style and created these sweet little Snow-Folke.

**My first batch of Spun Cotton Snow~folke has arrived!!!  They blew in to town on a blustery November wind accompanied by glittery flakes, jingle bells and merriment!!!

This batch of Snow-folke are made in the traditional manner with a little loop added to allow for a hanger.  Once dry I add a bit of paint and a dash of glitter, (this batch has several dashes) paper mache noses, (I believe these are the BEST noses I've ever made) German glass eyes and a bit of "blush".  Then I had their rusty wire hanger and other adornments.  My favorite one is the little gal without the cone..oh my goodness, she is so cute.  Speaking of cones.  I've added small paper mache cones to two of the snow-folke.  Each cone has been painted and then I've added a crackle medium to one and aged and waxed the other.  As you can see, each has it's own unique personality.  :).


Joy ~ My favorite snowball gal ~ 5 1/2" tall ~ including her rusty wire hanger

Peace ~ A lovely peaceful gal in vintage Ivory silk ribbon ~ measures 8 1/4" with her rusty wire hanger.

Love ~ A precious little one in vintage mossy green silk ribbon  ~ measures 7 1/2" with her rusty wire hanger.