~Spun Cotton Jack~O~lanterns & CAT~O~Lantern

~Spun Cotton Jack~O~lanterns & CAT~O~Lantern

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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My friends ~ I am SO pleased to be offering these to you.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa of Full Moon Wares for her wonderful class  ~ her teaching made this (finally) all come together for me.  As you may know, I have dabbled in spun cotton for a while now, but nothing ever really made it click for me until I took Lisa's class!!  I love making these sweet treasures. 
Today I offer you three spun cotton Jack~O~Lanters and one spooky Black Cat~O~Lantern.  Each one is made beginning with a paper clay base to which I then applied several layers of cotton.  Once dry I painted each one, inside and out, and gave them lots of character. They are purposely made to look old and worn ~ much like antique spun cotton ornaments of the past.  Each one is hung from rusty wire and will come with two little balloon lights.  One of the Jacks has a removable spun cotton witches hat. :).   The spooky kitty has antique wire thread whiskers :).  He's just so cute.  Well, they all are actually. 
Each one has my initials on the bottom and will come in a lovely kraft box, so you can be sure to keep them safe when not displaying them.  
Each measures approximately 5", including their wire hangers.
The bubble lights will last approximately 24 hours.  They come with a paper pull tab that you can reinsert to shut them off.