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The Farmers Wife Blackened Beeswax ~ Cupboard Hanger

The Farmers Wife Blackened Beeswax ~ Cupboard Hanger

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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~The Farmers Wife~

This piece is one of my favorite beeswax pieces. I just think she says so much yet she is really quite simple. My sister in law tells me that to her, this sweet gal smells like a Vermont Morning....maple, vanilla, oatmeal, coffee and cinnamon. Did I mention that my sweet sister in law is a Farmers Wife!

Thus, these sweet blackened beeswax Farmers wives are made from my creamy blackened beeswax in my signature "Vermont Morn" scent and dusted with spices. Each measures just under 6" and comes with an aged twine hanger and a bit of wonderful dried rose hips.