Olde Salem Cat's Pumpkin Patch

Olde Salem Cat's Pumpkin Patch

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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 I LOVE how this piece turned out.  Two folky cats,  situated on a Driftwood background, with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes surrounded by wooly triangles.  Made in wonderful Autumn colors of Driftwood, black, cream plaid, grey, indigo, and shades of orange, copper, and mustard.  I have added "mending" stitched as well as the stem stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch to give this piece an aged look, and lovely character.  The back is finished in antique black and I have added my initials in a lovely pumpkin texture.  

 Olde Salems Cat's Pumpkin patch is made almost entirely with hand-dyed blackberry primitives wool (the only wool that is not BP is the small cream plaid triangles).

MEASURES 12" X 24"

**Stitched entirely, and lovingly by me (Doreen Frost) :).  


**If you are interested in creating this piece yourself you will find the pattern and template in the October 2023, Four-year anniversary issue of The Little Brown House Gazette.    **y *I am afraid you will have to gather the wool yourself, however, as I do not have time right now to put kits together...I do apologize)