Life In Our Little Brown House ~ Book Of Templates

Life In Our Little Brown House ~ Book Of Templates

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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Life In Our Little Brown House by Doreen Frost ~ A delightful collection of seasonal folk art designs, ready for you to punch, hook, or stitch.

Several of these designs were featured, in the Little Brown House Gazette, during its first year of publication. Here, they mingle with several new designs, along with a recipe, or two, stories, quotes quint loveliness :~)

TWENTY PAGES in total ~ 12 templates ~ two recipes, and a new original story :).

Each book of templates will come to you signed, dated, and numbered.

**PLEASE NOTE** I WANT TO THANK YOU, MY WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS, FOR YOUR EXCEPTIONAL PATRONAGE AND FOR YOUR PATIENCE IN REMEMBERING.... I am a small business, my only employee, and do absolutely everything myself. EACH BOOK IS PRINTED AND BOUND, INDIVIDUALLY, BY ME AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. **Please allow at least 4-5 days (this does not include weekends) for your order to be shipped. In busy times, it may take up to a week. Thank you ~ Doreen