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Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost
**Finished piece measures 12” x 10”. 
"The Frost Lady...........Crisp, frosty fall mornings foretell her arrival, and the steady snows of winter announce she is here to stay. Slowly she goes, and she brings the snow as she makes her way to the Winter Celebration deep in the forest. With each Winter Solstice comes the return of The Frost Lady to her North Woods home. Her snowy heart warm with love for the woods she has watched grow- Every creature a friend, each tree a memory. She walks slowly, cloaking each tree in glimmering frost as she passes by, just enough so the winter berries still shine through. Slowly she goes, and she brings the snow, as she makes her way to the Winter Celebration deep in the forest". ~ Doreen Frost

A gorgeous Winter design punched with lovely Valdani cotton threads and  beautiful Moire' Wool threads in Yuletide reds, green and cream. Finished with a my favorite over dyed wool from The Merry Hooker Woolens ~ Fraktur Red....oh I LOVE IT!  The punched piece is attached to the wool back with lovely blanket stitching.  There is also blanket stitching around the edge of the wool back.  Can be displayed on and olde basket, like I've done here (I am so sorry but the basket is not available) or perhaps framed or used as a table mat.  She's lovely and will be happy wherever you choose.

Will come to you signed and dated.  I will also include an attached card with Noelle's story.

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 Wishing you joy ~ Doreen