Olde Pull Toy ~ Gilly

Olde Pull Toy ~ Gilly

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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Olde Mohair Pull Toy
No. 001
Please meet GILLY ~  Gilly is hand stitched from fine mohair viscose.  He is stuffed with sawdust and a bit of steel shot for weight and squishiness.  He has german, glass eyes, a waxed floss nose and small wooden pull toy wheels.  He has been aged, sanded and aged again for an olde, antique look.
He wears a waxed jute collar with an olde rusty bell around his neck and is the SWEETEST, squishy little guy.  He measures just a whisper over 6" from tip to tip and is approx. 3 1/2" tall.
I just love him (I think his face is just precious) and hope you will too.
Will come to you with a small hang tag, signed, dated and numbered.

Pattern by Katya Panayis