Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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~Small Spun Cotton Turkey Ornaments~

I begin each ornament by hand-sculpting a paper clay armature to which I then add layers (and layers) of spun cotton.  Each one is then hand-painted and aged, for a time-worn look and feel.  Each one has tiny black glass eyes.  One of the small turkeys is wearing a vintage aged red ribbon, the other two refused to wear them ;).  Each turkey measures approximately 3" and includes a twirly wire hanger (they measure a little over 4" including the wires).    The smaller ones are my FAVORITE but my goodness, they are a challenge!!  **Of note, the ribbon can be removed (or added, if the one you choose is not wearing one and you want to force it on them ;)  Each will come with its own box, neatly and safely packaged so they can be treasured year after year.


The art of creating Spun Cotton was born in Germany in 1800s. It involves the use of cotton to make small ornaments and toys. In my own personal interpretation, I may create a paper clay armature, a wire armature, or, a paper armature to create the soul of the object, and then form the character with many layers of cotton.  I then paint the spun cotton piece with watercolor or acrylic paint.  Each one is lovingly created in several stages and then sealed with a matt varnish for protection.  I then decorate them with vintage and antique trims and add a decorative wire hanger.  The entire process takes days. The created object is light and resistant. Nonetheless, a lot of attention must be paid to the small details, accessories, and additional decorations it may have.

These creations are sturdy and will hold up to the test of time however, they are not intended to be used as toys.