~Stitchers Linen~ One 1/4 yard piece.

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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LINEN....FOR PUNCH NEEDLE EMBROIDERY!!!  You heard me correctly ;~)...we can now punch on linen!!!  

This wonderful linen, from Searsport Rug Hooking, was milled specifically for Punch Needle Embroidery and hand stitching.  It is a tighter weaver than what is found for cross stitch therefore it holds our delicate little cotton and wool loops tight, like the weavers cloth does. *

Thus far I have punched, on this linen, with my small and medium needle tips using the Ultra-Punch needle, and it has worked beautifully.  I have used Moire' wool threads, Valdani Perle Cotton (size 8), and the Valdani six strand.  Again, they all work beautifully.  My favorite combination is ...my medium tip and the Valdani six-strand :)

  This lovely stitchers linen measures 56" wide and is just wonderful in color and feel. :)

Available by the 1/4 yard which will measure 18" x 27".   However, if you would like a larger, uncut piece, just order the number of pieces you would like and let me know in the notes to leave it as a single piece. :)