~Summer Strawberries Door Hanger

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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I absolutely LOVE this piece!!  It always seems to be the pieces that I struggle with that end up being my favorites. 
A lovely succulent berry to hang from an olde cupboard knob or place in an olde trencher.
The punched piece is made from rich Valdani Perle Cotton and features two succulent red berries ripe for picking, lovely green tops and French knot "seeds" in green and black.  I've added a double wool back, with a bit of blanket stitching and stuffed it with a bit of raw wool for plumpness.  I've finished it off with some gorgeous, black, hand dyed silk ribbon. 

Finished piece measures 7 1/2" including ribbon hanger.  
Made entirely by me, this piece will come to you signed, dated & decoratively packaged. :)  

Thank you for stopping by ~ Doreen