Winter Woodland Friends FINISHED PIECE

Winter Woodland Friends FINISHED PIECE

Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost

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~Winter Woodland Friends~
~Finished measures 22” x 11 ~

“As the cold winter night sky turned gray with the coming dawn, Chester the yearling reindeer started stirring in a cozy hollow under the boughs of a spruce at the edge of a big snowy field. He could hear the other members of his herd getting ready to start their day, and reluctantly peeked out through the low hanging branches of the spruce. When his soft, velvety nose encountered the cold morning air he sniffed and suddenly had a burst of energy. Bouncing from his bedding place he sprang through the field, running and stretching his legs. As he made his way over the rise at the edge of the field he came to a quick stop- "Who is that tall, lumpy person on the other side of that tree? People aren't usually out at this hour!" He stayed still like he was taught to do when he didn't have the protection of the herd. As the winter sun's weak rays broke over the snow-covered green mountains off in the distance, the strange figure became clearer. "Why, that's no human!" Chester thought to himself and bolted back to the herd. A few moments later he returned with the bravest of the other yearlings and slowly, carefully, they made their way to the strange figure to investigate.” D. Frost

OH HOW I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!  It is one I would LOVE to keep for myself to be sure.  It is made from a 22" x 11" unfinished wood plaque that I've painted, sanded and aged.  In the center you will find my punched piece featuring a sweet reindeer and his woodland snowfolke friend with just a bit of holly and berries. Surrounding the punched piece are some hand dyed wool applique leaves with a lovely stem stitch (I am so proud of those stems!!!) and tiny French Knot "berries".  At the very top, you will find the word WINTER done in aged colonial script.    I've finished the whole thing off by adding two small holes to the top of the plaque and stringing a bit of burlap for hanging.  A lovely Winter piece you can keep out, well..ALL WINTER :)

Will come to you signed and dated.  I will also include an attached card with the Winter Woodland Friends story.

**Will ship priority mail, first thing Saturday morning**  Please do not choose first class mail when purchasing.

 Wishing you joy ~ Doreen